Payment Fail Codes

List of values used by parameter FailCode. This parameter is used when viewing or searching payment records.


Indicates reason for payment failure. See attached description for appropriate actions to take if this code is appended to a payment record.

Fail CodeTypeResponse
invalid_bsbBank Account PaymentIndustry Code: 1
Request correct BSB number from the customer.
payment_stoppedBank Account PaymentIndustry Code: 2
Customer must tell their bank to allow debits on their account from Pay Advantage (ABN 38 749 739 150, User Id 378093).
account_closedBank Account PaymentIndustry Code: 3
Contact customer for new account details.
customer_deceasedBank Account PaymentIndustry Code: 4
bad_accountBank Account PaymentIndustry Code: 5
Contact customer for correct account details.
refer_to_customerBank Account PaymentIndustry Code: 6
Typically insufficient funds. Contact customer and try again later.
deletedBank Account PaymentIndustry Code: 7
Contact customer for new account details.
invalid_useridBank Account PaymentIndustry Code: 8
Contact support.
techincally_invalidBank Account PaymentIndustry Code: 9
Customers bank account does not allow debits. Change the payment account being user.
bpay_made_in_errorBPAY PaymentContact support.
bpay_unauthorisedBPAY PaymentContact support.
undeterminedCard PaymentWill attempt to resolve automatically.
declinedCard PaymentCharge declined. Confirm card details are correct and retry. If declined error persists, they will need to contact their card-issuing bank for more details.
insufficient_fundsCard PaymentAdvise customer to check correct funds are in the account and try again later, otherwise can use a different card/account.
processing_errorCard PaymentCharge failed due to network issue. Re-attempt the payment or try again later. If problem persists contact support.
suspected_fraudCard PaymentCard may be lost or stolen. Advise customer of error and try another card/account to process payment.
expiredCard PaymentContact customer for new card details.
refundedAllSee details attached to refund payment record.
invalid_authorityChargebackPlease contact support.
cancelled_authorityChargebackPlease contact support.
unauthorisedChargebackPlease contact support.