Process Direct Debits in Sandbox

Direct debits are processed in sandbox to imitate their real lifecycle in the live environment

See Direct Debit Settlement & Clearance Times for information relating to processing times for the live environment.

The sandbox system will mark debit batches as "Processed" approximately every 10 minutes. It will also ensure DDRs are approved every hour.

Dishonours are simulated by mapping a fail code to the debit instruction amounts decimal value. This process occurs automatically after a debit batch is processed.

For debits from a bank account; Amounts ending in "0" never fail. Amounts ending with "1" to "9" will dishonour based on the industry wide failure codes (see Payment Dishonour Codes/Reasons).

  • An instruction with an amount of $10.00 will not return an error
  • An instruction with an amount of $10.05 will fail with the dishonour code 5