Delete a Debit Batch

For processing batch payments using the Pay Advantage API you will need to use both Debit Batches and Debit Instructions.

Debiting instructions are individual records of bank account payment instructions.
Debit batches are used to schedule and group individual debit instructions together.
This endpoint is useful for the management and submission of large batches of payments.

As debit batches are processed twice a day, it is recommended to include all instructions for that day into a single batch.
To use this endpoint, you must first create a debit batch group and then append instructions for each account you want to debit. This is done using the Debit Instructions endpoint.

When the batch contains all the debit instructions you want to process, the batch needs to be authorised and all instructed payments will be scheduled for processing.

A debit batch can be deleted provided it is not in a confirmed or authorised state. This deletes all instructions within the batch. This is how you can cancel a debit batch any time before being processed or authorised. Use a debit batches code in the request to specify which batch to delete.

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