Create a new Refund

The Refunds endpoint handles the creation, cancellation, and monitoring of refunds for payments. As with payments, a refund is never effectively successful, it just hasn’t failed.
If a refund attempt does ever fail, you should cancel the refund or re-attempt the refund to an alternate account (via the Web Portal only).

Please note that you cannot modify refunds.

Create a refund payment and queue it up to be processed. When you create a refund in Pay Advantage you append a payment as a reference, but the refund is treated as it's own unique payment.
This request must include the relevant payments Code and a Reason for refund.
To refund an amount in full including all on-charged fees you should omit or set the the amount field to Null. To partially refund specify a value in the amount field. When partially refunding only that amount will be refunded.

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