Retrieves payments failed on the specified date.

The Payments endpoint holds real-time records of any attempted payment in the Pay Advantage system. It is used for monitoring and tracking payments so that they can be managed appropriately by your own system. The Payments endpoint does not allow re-attempting failed payments.

All payments are associated with either a Customer, or a Debit Instruction. When a payment is attempted PayAdvantage allows a small window for any failures to be reported (typically 2-3 business days). This is due the processing times of some banks and credit card facilities. If no failure has been reported within this window then it is considered cleared and will then be settled to your account. BPAY payments are the only exception as they clear/settle immediately. View information on Payment clearing and settlement.

All payment types can fail (for a number of reasons) in which case the DateFailed and FailCode fields will be populated. Be aware that a payment can fail after the money has been settled to your account. This could occur many days, months, even years after settlement. Due to the nature of banking services and always allowing for payments to fail or be charged back, It is more correct to consider a payment as not failed rather than succeeded; however for most scenarios you can consider a settled payment as a success,. Charge-backs and late dishonours are rare for most businesses.

Returns a list of failed payments for a specified date. Avoid using today's date as payments can fail at any time during the day. For direct debit bank payments, it is best to query failed payments at least one day since the payment was attempted.
You can view a list of fail codes in the PayAdvantage Enums & Fail Codes documentation to better understand reason for failure returned on these payment records and manage appropriately.

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