Update a Customer

Pay Advantage allows your business to manage customers and their details in the Pay Advantage portal. Storing phone numbers, email addresses and notes for each customer provides a handy tool for managing your customers.

Updates the specified customer by setting the values of any parameters passed in the request body. For example, if you pass the Email parameter, the customers email will be updated to the new string.

If a parameter is not included in the request body, it will not be updated. This request accepts mostly the same parameters as the customer creation call with a few exceptions. The parameters used to update phone numbers are different from those used when creating a customer.

To generate a BPAY reference for an existing customer you will need to add ?with=bpayref to the end of the url your are posting to.

Pass the boolean parameter IsActive as false to set a customer as inactive. For a customer to be set to inactive they must have no active direct debits or pending payments. If you wish to turn this customer on again later, set them active by changing this parameter to true.

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